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Hey, I'm Joey!

A bearded Cajun with travel on the mind, Joey can often be found trying to eat clean and dreaming of mac and cheese. Joey was an English and Theatre major in college, which means he owns really nice bookcases these days. When not blogging, Joey loves spending quality time with his precious family, art, and his guilty pleasure - Rupaul's Drag Race!​ Joey shares Jaime's unique experience of having come out later in life, and taken an interesting and twisted road to finding true authenticity, but now that he's found it, it is something he holds on to dearly. Creative, charming, reliable, and witty are a few words to describe him. (ENFP)



Hey, I'm christopher!

Christopher (also known by his first name Jaime or his family nickname Jay) is a first generation Filipino American, only child Air Force brat born in Oklahoma and raised in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.  Growing up in a very conservative area, Jaime struggled to embrace his true identity as a gay man and lived the first forty-five years deep in the closet.  This journey walked him through a marriage and two children, only to land himself in a crisis of belief, grappling with his truth that was buried deep.  Fate and quite a bit of strength allowed him to embrace his truth and completely change the trajectory of his life. Many tears and pain, followed by joy and triumph, he found his true person, the love of his life and now has a beautiful blended family. In his spare time, he stays occupied with his love for cooking, specifically pastries.  Fun loving, quirky, sarcastic and devoted are just a few fun adjectives to describe him.  (ISTJ)


Together, we look forward to sharing our journey, our passions, our support for the LGBT community, and our love for our family.

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