A Safe Space to Discuss Social Issues

In our initial post on social media promoting The Next Door Daddies, we mentioned that we took a much-needed break from social media because of the current climate surrounding many social issues. What I found, and I’m sure many people have seen on both sides of the aisle, is an inability to have a productive conversation about issues such as LGBT rights, Black Lives Matter, and most recently, the Stop AAPI Hate movement that obviously hits home for me as a first-generation Filipino, with vulnerable parents and grandparents. There seems to be a reckoning in America. While conversations over the past few years have been volatile and heated, we both are firm believers in the ability to make positive change and be a part of that positive change. We both are avid supporters of LGBT, Black, and AAPI rights, to name a few, and are involved in organizations like the Human Rights Campaign and Equality Virginia.

In addition to updates about travel, recipes, family life, and Joey’s famous Fridge Phrases, we hope to provide a safe space to have challenging discussions about the aforementioned social issues plaguing our lives today. We’ll tackle tough subjects and how they’ve affected our lives, good or bad, and how we use those experiences to be better humans. A tremendous experience for both of us is our coming out experiences, as men married to women and with children. We both thought we were the only ones going through that experience, and what we’ve found is that is absolutely untrue.

We’ll talk about our experiences, but we also plan to launch a section on our blog highlighting some of our Fabulous Friends in the LGBT community. We hope this will be a platform for our friends to tell their stories and offer encouragement to those who may identify as LGBT and struggling in that journey.

More importantly, as our audience goes beyond the LGBT community, this will be an excellent way to educate. We can’t wait to explore this pivotal journey with each of you and encourage engagement that pushes the needle forward, not backward. We hope that our readers find this journey inspiring and informative and encourage you to share the content with people in your circles that could use it!

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