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Getting a Non-cringy Couple's Tattoo

I’ve been told many times that once you get a tattoo, you’re going to want more and more. For me, that wasn’t really the case. I got my first tattoo in my early twenties on a beach vacation with friends. I love it, but never really had the itch to get a second one until years later.

My second tattoo was just for me. I wanted something that would lift me up in tough times and symbolize the coming out process for me. Ultimately, I landed on a symbolic tattoo on my wrist that stands for “I am greater than the ups and down.” Jaime got his first tattoo soon after he came out, a Celtic knot intertwined in a heart, symbolizing the love that defines him - past, present and future.

For some time, Jaime and I have talked about getting a tattoo together. We tossed out tons of ideas, made sketches, even had a Pinterest board for inspiration. We knew that we didn’t want a matching tattoo, but something that complimented each other. We knew we didn’t want something cheesy or too overly romantic. But, since a tattoo is forever, we had to really consider what we landed on.

Recently, we determined what we wanted - a very simple statement of “his one” and “his only.” We decided we would place it on our wrist so that we could see it, and that I would have mine in typeface and his in cursive for a little variation. Jaime’s first tattoo was done at Sandbridge Tattoo in Virginia Beach, and he really enjoyed the experience, so we made our way over for this next adventure.

Sandbridge Tattoo offers a great atmosphere to get a tattoo. The lobby is comfortable and well appointed with seating and examples of the artists work. Because of COVID-19 protocols, currently guests are asked to wait in their car until just before their appointment. The entire shop is extraordinarily clean, which is great for a tattoo shop whether or not we are in a pandemic! Chloe, the receptionist, was so lovely checking us in, explaining procols, and helping get our appointment started. Only one of us was allowed in the artist’s tattooing room at a time to allow for social distancing, so Chloe also made for great company as we waited.

Our artist was Brendan. He was very patient as we discussed the tattoo idea, font choices, and placement. Throughout the process, he checked in and was sure to offer a break if thing got uncomfortable. Honestly though, the tattoo was not that bad. Jaime and I each commented that the letters along the center of our wrists did hurt a bit, but the rest of the tattoo was totally tolerable. We love the simple outcome, and are thankful to Brendan for his clean line work!

I think the old adage is true now. Jaime and I have already discussed what our next tattoo will be. Stay tuned for that adventure!

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