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Sunday Brunch at the Egg Bistro

We spent the last weekend with the older kiddos in Virginia Beach with my family. Typically when we’re back home, my Aunt Tina and Uncle Matt like to take us out for Sunday brunch before we take the kids back and head home. This week we went to one of their favorites, the Egg Bistro in Virginia Beach at Strawbridge.

We had a slight wait with a party of eight and social distancing precautions, but it was certainly worth it. The Egg Bistro has been around for a bit and got its start back in my old stomping ground in Chesapeake. Known for their mimosa flights and huge portions, anything that you order will undoubtedly satisfy any craving! The abundantly stocked menu is accessible by QR code in the restaurant and will amuse you with their food section titles, like “Friends with Benedicts” and “Belly Belly Nice”!

We’ve recently talked about a Monte Cristo sandwich, and Joey was so excited to see it on their menu. Their version is their signature cinnamon swirl french toast packed with ham, bacon, and provolone cheese and topped with warm syrup and powdered sugar. If this isn’t enough food, you also get a side of hash browns or grits. Joey cleaned his plate, which was a clear indication that he loved it. I will admit that I snuck a small bite, and while it is not your traditional Monte Cristo sandwich, it was a great breakfast take on a sweet and savory favorite.

If you’ve been in the military or have family members that have been in the military, you’re very familiar with a mess hall breakfast favorite, Creamed Chipped Beef on Toast, otherwise known as S*#t on a Shingle. If you’ve never had it, it’s a must-try! Some of you may be saying, what in the world is chipped beef anyway? Chipped beef is pressed, salted, and dried beef sliced thin and generally packed in glass jars and can be found in your local grocery store. This beef is added to a creamy roux and served over toast traditionally but can also be served over biscuits. This is what I decided to order at the Egg Bistro, and it was definitely filling. The thick and hearty mixture was served over two cut biscuits, served with eggs and hash browns. If you don’t have access to one of the three Egg Bistro locations, here’s my favorite recipe from Southern Living Magazine.

If you live in the Virginia Beach or Chesapeake area and haven’t dined at the Egg Bistro, I would highly recommend that you add it to your list of restaurants to try. They describe themselves as a hip, family-oriented neighborhood bistro serving innovative food on their website, and I would have to agree. Not only do they have breakfast/brunch items, but they have an expansive soup, salad, sandwich, wrap, burger, and drink menu. Did I mention the mimosas? Yeah, the mimosas are fabulous!

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